Alexis Taylor - White Wine And Fried Chicken
hatis noit - #2 Untitled
Resina - Not Here
London Accordion Orchestra - Peace
Brigid Mae Power - I'm Grateful
Robert Saxton's Night Dance Fantasy
Mary and the Pigeons - Ordinary
Radie Peat - Cailín deas crúite na mbó /When I Was A Young Girl
Alexis Taylor - Without A Crutch
She Makes War - Stargazing
ISAN - Rattling Downhill
Emma Kuppa - CP Reprise
Eagleowl - Clean the Night
Adem - These Are Your Friends
Kinbrae - Isolated Sketch
Ben Chatwin - Phantom Lights & The Kraken
Romeo Stodart & Ren Harvieu - Curves and Swerves
Strange Boy (with Shards) - Annunciation & Love Remains
Kate Arnold Skeleton Key
Shards (with Strange Boy) - Thoughts
Michele Stodart - Come Back Home
Sylvie Lewis - If Tears Were Diamonds
The Gentel Good - Yr Wylan Fry
Laura j Martain - Jesse
Wing-it Singers - Embroidered Cloths
Laura Cannell - Dagian Duske
Enderby's Room - Lakeside
Mythos of Violins - The Lost Bells
Charles Hayward - Rattlesnake & Slow Train
REVERE - The Escape Artist
Ed Dowie - Yungpawel
Snowapple - Old Fashioned Morphine (Jolie Holland cover)
Duotone - Greetings Hello
Oly Ralfe - Europe
Colm Mac Con Iomaire - Thou Shalt Not Carry Timber
William D Drake with Louise Kleboe - Abandoned Lighthouse
The Great Electric - Music and Colour
Laetitia Sadier (with Ed Dowie) - Afflux de Luxe (Aksak Maboul and Veronique Vincent cover)
Adrian Crowley & Gill Sandell - The Angel Returns
Emily Hall - Mantra
North Sea Radio Orchestra - Heavy Weather
Ed Dowie - Africa
Laura J Martin - Dream of Sin
Ryan Teague - Site Specific
Ed Dowie - Why Do You Live In France?
Zoot Lynam - The Future Was Yesterday
Whoa Melodic - I Want Snow!
Alasdair Maclean - Age of Miracles
Independant Country - Rock n Roll Star
Chris T-T - Garden On The Motorway
HSS Choir - A Punk Rock Choir: Denis (Blondie cover)
SCHOOL of NOISE - Improvisation